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Concert: Basheskia

Basheskia, presents his new solo project ABSNC at KRAK Center. After a successful concert in the abandoned Kombiteks administrative building a year ago, Basheskia brings to Bihać a fusion of electronics and acoustics in a one-man band format – instrumentals of the rich sound palette that the author shapes with drums, percussion, and even pots and pans united by the logic of the contemporary musical avant-garde.

ABSNC is an album in the making, an authorial process, which stems from the desire to create a musical capsule with all the instruments Zlatar uses. Through their combination and live shaping, i.e. in front of the audience, the author composes and, so to speak, defines the final piece of music. In this sequence, controlled improvisation and experiment come to the fore. 

The summary of the English word absence in the title refers to the need of the modern individual to disconnect from everyday life – in Nedim Zlatar’s case, additionally entering the safe sphere of sound. The name is somewhat introverted and subjective because the author wants to recognize himself in this practice of absence. In an informal conversation with the KRAK team, Zlatar disclosed that this is a new path of mine that now leads into the unknown, which I am looking forward to and which I want to share, in order to discover new courses of action. The album ABSNC is a conscious act of authorship born from the desire to play and perform “new” music and thus create a distinct safe space. At the same time, the author wants to underline the importance of the concepts “process”, “transformation”, “listeners” as the basis for thinking about the entire project.

As one of the members of the Sarajevo duo Basheskia & Edward EQ and a collaborator on numerous musical projects, Zlatar has been present on the art scene for almost two decades. This puts him among the pioneers of electronic music in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the protagonists who affirmed its different direction.