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EVENT: Performance by Natália Sýkorová: plants littering, eels swelling…

The four performers meet for the first time before the start of a LARP (Live Action Role Play). You can join them or watch their journey as they form partnerships with each other and with items found on their quest to reverse the curse of climate disaster cast by an evil entity. The performance plants littering, eels swelling (polluting plants, swelling eels) is an adaptation of the original five-hour performance according to the same scenario in a different environment and under different circumstances. The protagonists nevertheless engage in a series of games, exercises and conversations involving different paths of participation between human and non-human protagonists, climates and objects. The feeling evoked is somehow familiar and yet otherworldly, the uncertainty allows the plot to unfold and the props magically activate, delivering epic fantasy tactics deployed to solve or remedy our world’s current pressing crisis. The performers, who in this case are the main participants in the action, are given instructions, suggestions and tasks to complete, which are tailored to help them navigate this environment and find or create more favorable climatic conditions. During this transformative choreography and sound experience that seeks to create a story of collective survival, we can speculate on teleportation, legends and myths of contamination, generative stories of silence, alien assistance, healing, solidarity and kinship.

As part of the performative program of the exhibition…and they lived…

Curators* Curator: Jen Kratochvil, Tjaša Pogačar, Jelisaveta Rapaić

Performance x larpPerformance x larp by Natália Sýkorová

Dramaturgy: Adam Dragun

Guests: Teuta Jonuzi, Saro Gottstein, Kodiki, Juraj Bileny

Costumes and scenography: Frederik BritzlmairMusic and sound design: Lenka Adamcová