Kateryna Lysovenko: Figures of disagreement

March 16—31, 2024

Figures of dissent are taken from Armenian, Jewish, Ukrainian, Greek, Turkish, Belarusian folklore. For Ukrainian folklore, and the folklore of national minorities, as well as other peoples who lived next to us between great empires, transformation is not humanization, but an attempt to find a place for those whose lives have become impossible due to structural violence, nature and history become a paradise and a place of memory for the excluded. Transformation into a tree or a mermaid is an act of disagreement with violence and injustice.

Kateryna Lysovenko is an artist. Her media are monumental painting, painting, drawing and text. Kateryna is engaged in the study of the relationship between ideology and painting, the production of the image of the victim in politics and art, from antiquity to the present day. Lysovenko looks at painting as a language that can be instrumentalized or liberated. Before the full scale invasion lived and worked in Kyiv, Ukraine. Now based in Vienna.

Image: Arachne, 2024