© image taken from: https://labirynt.com/2024/01/31/25-24-exhibition-of-works-by-students-of-4th-year-of-graphic-design-and-5th-year-of-painting-from-the-institute-of-fine-arts-of-the-faculty-of-arts-of-maria-curie-sklodowska-university-in-lublin-unde/?lang=en

OPENING: 25/24 Exhibition of works by students of 4th year of Graphic Design and 5th year of Painting from the Institute of Fine Arts of the Faculty of Arts of Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, under the direction of Robert Kuśmirowski.

Arrists: Bartek Doroszuk, Yuliia Dovha, Luisa Dubey, Anatoly Gvozdyuk, Iryna Klyuk, Nastya Kovaliv, Nadiia Livinska, Vladimir Maciejczyk, Kornelia Malczarska, Martyna Niemyjska, Lisa Novikova, Stefania Nowicka, Agnieszka Pyć, Julia Rakoczy, Diana Reznikova, Izabela Sawicka, Anna Sieminska, Klaudia Sikora, Klaudia Skrobek, Natalia Smorongiewicz, Julia Stępień, Natalia Szostakiewicz, Anastasiia Tverdokhlib, Sandra Urbanek, Hanna Voranava

During the classes conducted in the exhibition space of Galeria Labirynt in Lublin, we had the pleasure of working with the existing exhibition tissue, generating proposals parallel to the already exhibited art objects, distinct creative attitudes and even aesthetic layers, visible as soon as we entered the gallery building. In many cases, the students had the opportunity to make works of much larger dimensions than the traditional forms and techniques, i.e. photography, drawing or painting, and the difficulty of fitting into a space that was already quite developed with a rich calendar of exhibitions. The title refers to the number 25, the number of participants of the exhibition. The number 25 is called an angelic number. This one carries the vibrations and attributes of both the number 2 and 5, namely cooperation, understanding, prudence and courage. It also points to new possibilities and opportunities that will ultimately lead to positive changes in life.