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OPENING: Viola Ottinger & Bence Tolmár “Hanging Gardens of the Day Labourer”

“The hanging gardens of the day labourer” installation of Viola Ottinger and Bence Tolmár was created at the intersection of two different perspectives: the artists’ object gatherings problematized the return to the roots (Viola), and it resulted in a poignant encounter with the unfamiliar (Bence). In the loose interpretative framework, the object ensemble triggers sensory associations, reinforced by the suspended arrangement. From the perspective of the object ensemble, the day labourer in the title is perceived as an absence. The chains, the harnesses and worn old straps emerge from the fever dream of a man in a workers’ dormitory, exiled by his needs. The work is a vision of man condemned to work.

Viola Ottinger grew up in Csévharaszt. After the Secondary School of Fine and Applied Arts she graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Painting, then in Fine Arts Teacher Training, her master was János Kósa. Her main activity is painting, she creates digital and oil paintings, as well. He is a teacher of drawing and art at the Alternative Secondary School of the Polytechnic of Economics.

Bence Tolmár, living and working in Budapest. He received his first degree in economics and pursued art studies in Thailand and at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. His focus is painting; his works have been exhibited in an installation way for the last three years.

Both artists are founding members of the Dokk Studio community on Népsziget, Budapest.


Curator: Gábor Pintér

Supported by Erzsébetváros Municipality – Cultural District Catalyst Grant
Cooperation partner: Bischitz Johanna Integrated Human Service Centre


Cairo Contemporary, Budapest

1071 Budapest, Lövölde tér 7.