© Rada Boukova / Au Anagrama, 2023 / Installation view, Punta Gallery, Sofia Display mannequins, handmade plexiglass glasses, work clothes and gloves, sheepskin, table and chairs, leathers, river stones, tools, electronic chips, sweets, copper and gold

Panel Talk: Introducing Neweast

Friday 15 Sep 2023 4 pm

For the launch of the NEWEAST platform, a panel discussion will explore the situation of art spaces in Eastern Europe. The participants will talk about the art scene in Eastern Europe and address the question of what motivates artists today to take matters into their own hands. 

NEWEAST is a network that aims to connect cultural institutions in Central and Eastern Europe and increase their visibility.


Nathalie Hoyos and Rainald Schumacher, curatorial team focusing on Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, Germany

Boyana Dzhikova (curator), Vikenti Komitski (artist), founder Punta and Postaspace in Sofia, Bulgaria

Yane Calovski (artist), founder press to exit in Skopje, Northern Macedonia

Marija Petrovic, KVOST and NEWEAST in Berlin, Germany