The Cluj-Napoca Art Museum, a public institution of county interest, which operates under the authority of the Cluj County Council, in collaboration with the Embassy of Mexico in Romania, invites you to visit, between September 26 and October 15, 2023, the exhibition “The two worlds of Nadjia . From Oaxaca for Transylvania” (photo) by the artist Nadja Massün. The exhibition was made with the help of the Olguín Massün family, Mr. César Carrillo Trueba and Mr. Dorin Zăgrean, Honorary Consul of Mexico in Cluj-Napoca. The opening will take place on September 26, 2023, from 18:00, in the presence of HE Mrs. Amparo Eréndira Anguiano Rodríguez, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mexico in Romania. 

The artist was born in Congo, to a Hungarian mother and French-Belgian father, grew up in South America, was educated in Europe, and her professional trajectory took her to Oaxaca, where she finally settled in the mountains . His eyes, like valleys, turned her into a photographer. Like a fractal, topography and family life gave another dimension to his journey and made Oaxaca an infinity.

Nadja Massün includes in her work travels all over the world, her life between different cultures, languages ​​and societies. His photographs have various origins, but are closely linked by a family resemblance. Her gaze unites. From the privacy of his home and family to the Mexican countryside, from American and European metropolises to the countryside of Central Europe, mainly Romania and Hungary, all the images are covered by a veil of intimacy, of closeness. From her gaze emerges the intangible, essential to the human being, attracting domestic animals as well. 

For her latest project, the photographer explored life in the rural areas of Oaxaca and Transylvania, from corn cultivation to collective work, immortalizing clothing, food, music and dance. A humanist until the end of her life, Nadja had a great ease and an infinite delicacy to approach the subjects, armed with the camera, to mount, like a theater director, images that make us think, that intrigue us, that make us smile… sometimes surreal, like its name. The diversity and unity of the human being, staged. 

(Text: César Carrillo Trueba)