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WORKSHOP: The weird duck and her friends in the world of art

workshops from the series “Family meetings with art”

21/10/2023, 11.00-13.00

You’ve probably heard about the weird duck. But, but… Are you with the weird foam duck? If not, it’s high time to change it! We invite you to creative workshops using ecological foam blocks. It will be fun, developmental, creative and… surprising!

Together we will go on a journey through the fairy-tale world, learning about the adventures of a strange duck, while building our own ending to the well-known fairy tale. In the world of art, a duck has many of its own ideas and a number of friends. So, are you jumping on board?

Conducted by: Patrycja Dachtera

Recipients: children 5-10 years old with their guardians

Registration: joanna/./tekla/@/arsenal/./art/./pl