ГАЛЕРИЯТА / GALERIATA  is independent art space founded in year 2023 by community of artists from Plovdiv city. The space is located in the center of Plovdiv near by Maritsa river in the building known as ATELIETATA (The Ateliers), where more than 20 artist in all of building have their studios. 
The building that houses the newly opened space of the ГАЛЕРИЯТА / GALERIATA carries with it a multilayered history. It was built in 1931 and was mainly used as the revenue building of the Zograf monastery in Plovdiv, but it also housed victims of the Chirpan earthquake as well as a metochion (a monastery subdivision). For many years it operated and was known as the District Hospital of Plovdiv.
The building is owned by the trusteeship Eforia “Zograf”, designed to support the Slavic-Bulgarian monastery “St. George the Zograf” and the skete “Dostoyno Est”. In the building itself you can visit the chapel “St. King Boris the Baptist”, where one can also see an icon by Tsanko Lavrenov, a copy of the icon “St. George the Victorious”, painted during his visit to the Zograf Monastery (1936).

Nowadays the building is inhabited by over 20 independent visual artists, establishing a cultural dynamic important to the people of Plovdiv.  And with joint efforts, the place is gradually gaining more recognition as a kind of hub for artistic creativity.

The atmosphere that has developed and the dialogue between the artists quite naturally generated numerous ideas that are now finding their realization, the first example being the creation of the newest independent art space ГАЛЕРИЯТА / GALERIATA – an important unifying place for the artistic life in the building, aiming to be an active point on the cultural map of the city of Plovdiv and the country.