66P (Six Six P) is a distinct venue in the field of contemporary art, which is otherwise dominated by public institutions on the one hand, and on the other – by commercial private galleries. It is a place for dialogue and integration of local and transnational creative and ideological communities, a space for research and experimentation, which encourages intergenerational and cross-cultural collaboration or confrontation in the field of art.

Faced with a crisis of artistic freedom, 66P wants to take responsibility for creating the right conditions for its unfettered development, which today largely depends on independent, private, non-commercial institutions. Here, art and artists are trusted and enjoy the freedom of expression and experimentation to successfully challenge established paths of thought, seek out new challenges and pose even the most difficult questions. The audience are confronted with unexpected diagnoses of contemporary times visualised through art, which provokes a search for answers. As a result, the problems and challenges identified by artists and researchers lead to discussions about ways of repairing the contemporary world.

66P is also a cooperative centre of urban patriotism, curious about the world and its inspirations, testing the current condition of Wrocław and Poland in the context of contemporary challenges. Our intention is to open the doors between Wrocław and the world, which, for unknown reasons, are still slammed shut.