ART TRANSPARENT Contemporary Art Foundation was originated in 2005 in Wrocław. People who are involved in its work are specialists in a variety of fields: artists and lecturers associated with the Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts, psychologists and specialists in the area of social sciences. The Foundation’s goals regarding contemporary art and social topics are being achieved by means of local and national projects as well as own initiatives and attempts to consolidate the artistic and intellectual environment around current social and art problems.

The key direction of our activities is a constant participation in the awareness raising of the public space – its purpose and ways in which it is used. Moreover we wish to contribute to the extensive promotion of the contemporary art. Our goal is to instill the attitude of openness and enhanced thoughtfulness in our audiences. At the same time we wish to encourage artists’ willingness of confrontation with the viewer, the need of dialogue and engagement in cultural and educational activities. We find it particularly important to emphasize the special role of the contemporary art in the process of social development – therefore we engage in initiatives with a social, educational and anti-discriminatory character, as well as those which are an attempt to face the problem of memory and trauma of a difficult past (in its historical, social and individual aspects).

Since 2005 ART TRANSPARENT organizes the SURVIVAL Art Review /, since 2007 runs the Contemporary Art Gallery in the former studio of professor Eugeniusz Geppert – “Mieszkanie Gepperta”, and since 2021 runs Szewska Gallery. Besides, the Foundation is engaged in publishing and educational activities, in particular those connected with the issues of social exclusion, otherness and anti-discrimination.