Centre for Contemporary Art of Montenegro

The public institution Centre for Contemporary Art of Montenegro, based in Podgorica, deals with promotion and development of contemporary fine arts. The Centre is specialised in: the gallery and museum activities; collecting, studying, preserving and exhibiting works of art; formation and enrichment of various collections (legacies, selections, etc.) of artists from the country and abroad, created during the 20th and 21st century as a unique and complete system of contemporary artistic phenomena; research by practical and experimental methods in contemporary art; realisation and distribution of programs on the entire territory of Montenegro; production and organisation of events in the field of contemporary art (fine arts, theatre, literature, film and other audio-visual activities); organisation of seminars, courses, lectures, forums and promotions on contemporary art; exchange of artists and organisation of residencies for artists from the country and abroad; developing cooperation and exchange of programs with other cultural institutions in the country and abroad; performing copyright and agency services, i.e. representation between authors and other entities; cooperation with free initiatives in all scopes of artistic activities; cooperation with independent cultural institutions, non-governmental organisations and associations in the field of contemporary art; publishing professional literature, as well as publications from the Centre‚Äôs scope of work; publishing magazines in the field of contemporary art; publicizing cultural marketing; formation of library documentation and other documentary-informative contents as well, as data processing in the field of contemporary art. The Centre was founded on April 4, 1995, by integrating two cultural institutions: the Republic Cultural Centre and the Gallery of Art of Non-Aligned Countries “Josip Broz Tito”. It is located in Krusevac, within the Petrovic Palace complex (Petrovic Palace, Perjanik House, Botanical Garden and Palace Chapel), which dates from the end of the 19th century and holds the status of a cultural asset. The Gallery “Centre” also belongs to this institution.