D’EST is a nomadic platform and online archive for video art, experimental, and documentary film that maps artistic forms of historiography at the intersection of postsocialist, queer-feminist, and decolonial narratives and imaginaries. From 2023, a new constellation of curated video art chapters, a nomadic cinema format, and a publication channel will be created. The second D’EST cycle Postsocialism as a Method. Anti-Geographies of Collective Desires explores the legacies of global and postmigrant socialisms and the potential of their unfolding into the future.

The first three chapters of this new cycle are created by the artist collectives krёlex zentre, Nhà Sàn Collective and Fehras Publishing Practices. They trace rarely told stories from the Cold War from Central Asia, Vietnam, North Africa and West Asia and their creolizations in post-migrant Germany and Europe. The curated intermedial constellations interconnect socialist imaginaries and life worlds from different and sometimes contradictory situated geographies that continued or emerged despite coloniality, totalitarianism, and capitalism.