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Footnote – centre for image and text

footnote -centre for image and text is an independent artist-run studio in Belgrade, Serbia

It is a space dedicated to experimentation, research and production in the field of visual arts and publishing. Our focus is on different and informal educational formats and collaborations between individual art workers, artist collectives and cultural institutions. We offer a space and support for development of projects related to photography, moving image, visual essays, books, installation and other mixed-media. The facilitators at Footnote Centre have a combined experience in teaching at international art institutions and are committed to pursuing new models for creative studies based on critical insights, in-depth research and a genuine curiosity about the working of ideas, words and images.


Footnote centre is located in the historical part of Belgrade, near Slavija square. It is situated in a large salon apartment of 100 sqm, consisting of a private (residential) room, studio with a library, kitchen, two bathrooms and a balcony. The centre provides a space to work, learn, contemplate, experiment and showcase the residency outcomes or work in progress. At residents’ disposal are desk spaces and an area for presentations/talks, temporary exhibitions and screenings. The space is covered with a fast Wi-Fi, and has all the essential facilities. Our centre provides professional guidance and PR support (photo/video documentation, announcements, social media campaigns).

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