Foton Galéria

The Association of Hungarian Photographers has been the most important photographic society in Hungary since 1956. The Association has over three hundred members, all of them outstanding Hungarian photographers, and many of them the holder of one or another of the country’s awards for artists. In 1977 the Association founded the Studio of Young Photographers, a creative community that continues to be the leading professional organization of young Hungarian photographers.

The Association aims to foster and support the creativity of contemporary photographers, and to help the professional development of its members. It has been committed, since its founding, to maintaining the ideals and artistic quality of internationally renowned Hungarian photography, and to introduce superior art photo to as wide an audience as possible.

In 2021, for the first time in six decades, the Association of Hungarian Photographers has opened its own exhibition venue, Foton Gallery, under 6 Képíró Street (Budapest, 5th District). As part of its partnership with the Studio of Young Artists Association, the Association has created a professional forum that prioritizes dialogue between the generations of artists and the forms of the art. The Gallery features artists both at the beginning of their careers and well-established, from the most diverse fields of photography, as well as visual artists who use the medium of the photograph.


Foton Gallery is equally a hub for thought and a cultural centre for the community: there will always be events to accompany the exhibitions, such as workshops, lectures and round-table discussions.


The shows will include solo displays, thematic group exhibitions, collaborative projects, fairs, competition exhibitions, and the events of the Photo Month, the festival organized by the Association. Admission is free to all events of Foton Gallery.