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Jam Factory

Jam Factory Art Center is a contemporary art institution that plays a key role in reflecting and presenting contemporary processes in Ukrainian and international art and culture, opening opportunities for public dialogue.

Since 2015, when a renowned cultural entrepreneur and Ph.D. in history, Harald Binder, bought the building of the old Jam Factory to found a contemporary art center, hundreds of people with us have been waiting for the Jam Factory Art Center to open its main gate to the public.

During those eight years, we were developing as an institution simultaneously with the revitalization processes. Building our strategy, forming local and international partnerships, expanding our team, and gaining experience by organizing art programs and events in spaces we could open earlier.

We were able to curate 17 art projects that varied in duration from a few days to years. In such places as Infopoint, AIR Space, and Novo 1 six exhibitions and four theatrical performances took place along with more than a hundred other events: performances, lectures, workshops, presentations, premiers, and excursions.

The experience helped us refine the art center’s program, which consists of several directions: performative, musical, visual art, and community-oriented projects. Now, we are ready to scale up our activities and enter a new phase in the history of our institution by finally announcing the opening of the Jam Factory Art Center.