Muzeul Judeţean de Artă «Centrul Artistic Baia Mare»

The County Art Museum “Baia Mare Artistic Center” is the main Romanian art museum that has invested substantially and systematically in the development of the heritage, thus placing itself among the top three places at national level in the chapters that generate the specificity of the museum institution: acquisition policy, respectively heritage restoration policy. Starting from approximately 3,300 pieces in 2006, the institution acquired 3,419 heritage items, doubling the original number of works of art (608 pieces). A significant part of the documentary background elements come from the transfer of the historical archive of the Union of Plastic Artists, and the directions of future development are directed towards the attraction in digitized form of the documents related to the specific cultural-artistic phenomenon, Performances regarding visitor numbers also register an upward trend, managing in 2012 to exceed the minimum threshold of visitors imposed by the European Union for museums of this caliber. According to the latest management report, our museum recorded an average of 19,890 visitors/year, which is twice the number of the real population of Baia Mari, and in the long term it aims to stabilize at the level of 20,000 visitors/year. The museum also recorded an annual average of 13 organized exhibitions.