Lokal_30 Gallery

Since 2006 the lokal_30 gallery has provided a venue for shows, meetings, and performances, promoting artists of all generations and consolidating their status internationally. We primarily focus on women artists. In 2009–2010 gallery operated in East London as a temporary branch of the Warsaw-based gallery.

We aim to serve artists and give rise to new projects: one-off events, works-in-progress, performances, actions, socially engaged initiatives, meetings, and debates. Only recent exhibitions were devoted to problems and themes like the history of Polish post-pornography, sensuality of clothes/skin, fluidity of gender in music, and herstory perspective of Poland’s future.

Since 2017 we have organised Feminist Seminars (called SemFem), a discussion group devoted to art and feminism.

The lokal_30 is run by Agnieszka Rayzacher with Polish and international artists, curators, and institutions.