Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine

On June 17, 2005, the first in our country, a private Museum of Contemporary Art, hospitably opened its doors to visitors.

It is located in the historic part of Podil on two floors of the building on the street Bratskaya, 14, and immediately gained a large circle of fans.

At first there was a small collection, which its owner – the famous businessman and patron Sergei Tsyupko began to collect 20 years ago.

The basis of it was non-figurative painting of contemporary Ukrainian artists. Then there was a clear desire to extend the temporal and geographical boundaries of the collection, focusing, however, on the art of Ukraine in the second half of the twentieth century, which, unfortunately, is almost absent in domestic museums. When the number of works, their authors and the artistic trends that they represent increased significantly, the decision was made to “museify” the collection.

In December 2009, the museum moved to a new three-story building on the street. Hlybochitskaya, 17.

Large areas (more than 3,5 thousand square meters) allowed to form the first permanent exhibition of the best works of the collection (it occupied the second and third floors of the Museum).

During 5 years of life of the Museum at Glybochytsky there were many interesting exhibitions, projects, etc.

In September 2014, the Museum opened its doors on the str. Kyrylivska, 41

Today there are three exhibition spaces for permanent and temporary expositions (all 1st floor). Nowadays this museum is the only one in our country, where the works of many representatives of different art schools and directions of all regions of Ukraine from the 1930s of the twentieth century to the present are kept.

The collection has more than five thousand works of painting, graphics, sculpture and decorative and applied arts.

According to the founder of the Museum, Sergey Tsyupko, “the purpose of the museum is not only to collect and exhibit the artistic assets of our people, but also to return Ukrainian values ​​to Ukraine. To return for those who consider themselves a citizen of Ukraine, loves her and wants to see her strong and developed, cultured and educated. We are dreaming that our Museum will be attended by a large number of Ukrainian art fans, so that our children receive aesthetic pleasure in the world of artistic images and respect the artists of the past. Perhaps some of you just want to relax, chat or meet people who are close to the spirit. We are open to all and we invite you to plunge into the harmony of paintings, which will surely help to give birth to thoughts and feelings … “.