Project O3ONE

Project O3ONE is an independent multimedia interactive art project which aims to encourage creativity and cultural diversity through the innovative cultural production.
Invention, communication and innovation are imperatives of the project which continually expands readiness to accept new and different.
O3ONE aims to present contemporary art scene, to give a new meaning and importance to the local art production and to improve and encourage the exchange of ideas with art centres from all over the world. By positioning modern art and culture within different social groups, this project brings better understanding and closer contact with the wider audience, where jointly – artists and the audience, in an open dialogue, create an integral whole.
Founded 2004 project O3ONE presented local public with an inspiring program.

More than 1000 exhibitions and art happenings were realized in a cooperation with the local and international artists, curators and critics, cultural institutions from the country and abroad, and prestigious Belgrade festivals and manifestations.