Riga Art Space

Riga Art Space is the only exhibition hall of the Riga city. It is located in the Old Riga, under Rātslaukums square, and has become the home of contemporary art events, exhibitions of well-known or newly discovered young artists, as well as other cultural events.

The program of Riga Art Space is thoughtfully crafted with the contemporary art situation in mind with the intention to offer a diverse perspective. The year’s program is comprised of up to five exhibitions in the Large hall, starting from the Latvian art classics to applied and contemporary art and international art projects. In addition to the exhibition hall program, we foster the arts through other cultural forms, events and interdisciplinary projects. Each exhibition is accompanied by additional educational events – discussions and panels, creative workshops for children and adults.

To ensure varied and high-quality experience, we continuously collaborate with several art historians and professional curators, a range of artists and creative teams.