Sabot was founded at the beginning of 2009, as an attempt to verify the raison d’être of a gallery in the third millennium. Its initiators are Daria D. Pervain, former art critic and journalist, and Marcel Janco, a Romanian born, Turin-based art critic and curator.
Hidden relationships, longtime friendships, communality, fictional identities and situations blurring the barrier between public and domestic — these are the main, statutory highlights of Sabot.
Sabot refrains from prognostication and aims at having an elastic, almost unshaped format, able to take artist form. A project incubator, a generator, moreover an eccentric travesty of a gallery. We embrace curatorial and commercial models without solution of continuity. We raise questions rather than spell predictable truths, by sabotaging the fundamental division between high and low culture, process and result, art making and curating.