Sorry No Rooms Available is an international contemporary art residency that creates conditions for artistic practice embedded in the artistic and cultural environment of Uzhgorod and Transcarpathia. In return, residents commit to the production of a contextual project/exhibition in the city of Uzhhorod or in the surrounding region, as well as their choice of an artist talk, lecture/workshop, etc.


Sorry No Rooms Available is one of the few year-round residencies of contemporary art in Ukraine and one of the few private non-profit contemporary art-oriented organizations in the Transcarpathian region. Since April 1, 2016, it has been operating at the Intourist-Zakarpattya Hotel in Uzhhorod. About 10-12 participants take part in the residency each year.


As an artistic initiative, the residency encourages participants to put their work in dialogue with the place, the region’s cultural heritage, and its rich and complex history. Artists will have the opportunity to integrate themselves into the local art scene. Residents should note that Transcarpathia is the westernmost region in Ukraine, and a space where many different nationalities and communities live. The experience of this kind of multinational periphery encourages artists to seek new forms for contemporary art initiatives and practices.


The artist is at risk. Today, Sorry No Rooms Available is still receiving participants from the regions of Ukraine where war actions are taking place. At present, the residency, which rents one room from the Intourist-Zakarpattya Hotel, has a maximum capacity of 1 to 2 residents at a time. Because of the extreme circumstances and the dire need to house those fleeing Russian aggression, the residency team would like to ask for your financial and material support in order to expand its rented space to accommodate the artists and cultural workers in need.