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TRAFO Center for Contemporary Art was opened in 2013. It is located in Szczecin – the Polish capital of the German-Polish border region Pomerania.

TRAFO serves as a multifunctional meeting platform for artists and visitors. It introduces the audience to the tools of art by putting them in various contexts and transdisciplinary relationships. Visual works interact with literature, music, theatre, social sciences and new technologies.

TRAFO acts as an “interpreter” promoting art and placing it in an extremely complex cultural, socio-political, economic and existential domain.

TRAFO is a post-institution which does not follow rigid rules in the rapidly changing world of art.

TRAFO is a testing ground for the history of art, it provides a space for experimentation and demonstration of the artistic process, production and testing of knowledge.

The program of TRAFO consists of exhibitions, research and residency programs, publishing activities, meetings, concerts, lectures. Its integral part is an ongoing educational program addressed to different age groups and introducing them to the issues of contemporary art.