Transylvanian Art Centre (TAC)

In 1930, at the establishment of the ”Barabás Miklós” Guild, the writer Jenő Szentimrei summarized the aims of Transylvanian artists: „To create Transylvanian, European and contemporary art, striving for the most modern standards while preserving Transylvanian roots.” *

In the history of Transylvanian graphic arts/fine arts, the social necessity of a collection created in the spirit of regional/authentic identity has repeatedly risen. According to this need the idea of founding the Transylvanian Art Centre – as we previously called Transylvanian Art Museum – was one of the special aspirations of Transylvanian artistic life almost since the political change in 1989.

The main goal of the Transylvanian Art Centre’s is to create, within reasonable time, a realistic, cross-culturally appreciable, convertible self-image of the Transylvanian fine arts, both for itself and for the community . Therefore, the objective of the Centre is to collect, operate, display and present representative Transylvanian art created after 1920 . It also assumes professional care of artists’ legacy and saving their art for future generations.

The art collecting interest of Transylvanian Art Centre (TAC), established in Saint George town, ranges from the historical Transylvania and Partium to Bucharest or any other Romanian region. It also collects the Transylvania related works of Romanian, Saxon or other nationality artists who were friends or fellows of Hungarian artists; works of Hungarian artists who were born in Transylvania but who later moved to other countries and, occasionally, creations of foreign artists’ characterized by a Transylvanian touch.

The Tranylvanian Art Centre focuses on unique, original and professional artworks and limited number applied artpieces created since 1920s until the present day. Besides managing collections the institute aims at creating a documentation collection, as extensive as possible. We wish to collect sketches and sketchbooks, personal and workdiaries, letters, photos, videos and films, audio recordings, manuscripts, articles, etc.

In order to expand our collection, we hope for artists’ and their descendants’ donations. In return the institution undertakes the preservation and proper maintenance of the artworks. Depending on current possibilities the institute also promises to restore the artpieces if needed. Finally, to help a professional operation of the artworks, they are presented exhibitions and in catalogues.

The institute promotes art history research in Transylvania by realizing chronologically, as well as thematically well-structured exhibitions and by displaying outstanding, epoch-making artworks. It tries to contribute to the clarification of periodization and stylistic issues, to reveal latent values of Transylvanian fine arts and finally to expose these works as public treasure.

Art-friendly audience and their education lies in the centre of our attention and activity.

The Transylvanian Art Centre welcomes not only visual art lovers but also those who are interested in literature, music and other related arts or those who choose art just for relaxation.

We wish to pay special attention to disabled people and elderly who manage their time more freely than others and, certainly, to students and children, the next potential art-lover generation.

Furthermore, we wish to focus on art values in the context national and international tourism, as well as in international cultural exchange.