TSEKH – it is nowadays means more than just independent institution or leading contemporary art gallery. After our second gallery TSEKH VILNIUS’ opening in July in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, and after it is getting one of the biggest private galleries in a whole country, Ukrainian TSEKH became a European art project, supported by Baltic elites and in the same time being successful in proving of originality of our artists’ formal decisions.

For the last twelve years we realized more than 400 projects, in Ukraine as far as abroad, personal and group, our artists’ and our guests’ ones, co-working with dozens of artists and got a full satisfaction by an the international art community and art lovers from all over the world. Oriented on non-printed art, that is painting, watercolor, and sculpture, we also are making experiments with new ways of art – objects, installations, space decisions, new media, etc. As exclusive agent, gallery largely takes care on our artists’ careers, doing all necessary functions by its own.

From now, as first gallery network of Ukrainian contemporary art and one of the biggest in Eastern, Central, and North Europe, we have a few challenges, among which the first one is to globally prove an originality of our artists’ formal decisions.