© image taken from: https://artsvit.dp.ua/en/exhibitions/ragged-edge-tetiana-pukhnavtseva/


Looking into the horizon, we contemplate the unevenness of the landscape, a long line that ends somewhere in the distance. In the same way, a person breaks off while standing on the edge of one’s existence. Trying to find something whole in the divided requires effort. Walking along the ragged edge, a person can come to the entire thing and the authentic self. Encountering fragments of the present and past, painful and sad, a person tries to collect everything to restore integrity. Confusion is like the wind — it blows away fears in bits and pieces, scattering doubts like leaves, outlining an abandonment of a human and his despair. Facing trials and experiencing losses emphasize the feeling of detachment.

A ragged edge is both a sign of losses and a survivor’s testimony. The survivor is often small and fragile, hidden and lonely, and seeks to be recognized and seen, close and related to the Other. To find what survived, they can only choose the ragged edge as a path, go through it, and try to understand it. Advancing through such a landscape involves collecting stones and crumbs, asking for compassion for every abandoned person creature, and love for poor insignificance.

This exhibition attempts to see the value of brokenness, collect scattered sadness, and extend the hand. Where there seemed to be integrity finally broken, it will appear precisely because of looking at the rupture line, which is uneven and trembling.

Gather everyone, and leave no one behind. No one will be left behind.

WHEN: March 7, 2023, at 6:30 p.m WHERE: Artsvit gallery, Dnipro, Krutohirnyi Uzviz (Descent), 21A. Entrance through sliding doors from Uspenska SquareFREE ENTRANCE

Tetiana Pukhnavtseva — born in 1993 in Kharkiv. She works with graphics, artistic printing, book form, and self-publishing. In her practice, Tetiana combines the principles of free drawing and mechanical imprint, which are close to printed graphics techniques. The themes of weakness, fragility, decay, and abandonment are central to her work. The artist conveys them through paper and fabric, thereby making sense of these fragile and vulnerable media, and also involves natural materials in the work – grass, stones, soil, etc.