Podcast: New “Kitchen Conversations” Episode with Nadira Khalikova


EP. 44 – in conversations with creator of an Uzbek-German fashion label, Nadira Khalikova.

‘My little Bukhara’ is a clothing brand that works with local Uzbek craftswomen and creates garments and accessories that continue the Central Asian textile-making legacy.

On the podcast, Nadira speaks about the creation of the brand and its core mission – empower women of Uzbekistan. During the conversation you will learn about ikat (traditional dyeing technique), suzani (embroidered and decorative tribal textile), chapman (long, historic coat) and the duppi (colourful head cover). Enjoy!


On this podcast, Polish artist Patrycja Rozwora, speaks to fellow artists, curators and activists about their visual or socially engaged work related to the diverse region of so-called ‘Eastern Europe’. Easy going conversations, conducted in various accents about art, politics and food. Episodes are published every four weeks, on Monday.