Opening: “Robert Julian Hvistendahl & Epos 257: Collapse of the Landscape”

The exhibition Collapse of the Landscape develops the themes of inner peripheries, the memory of place, and disappearing landscapes. As part of the Synapse Again project, an artistic collaboration between Czech artist Epos 257 and Norwegian Robert Julian Hvistendahl. The two artists have decided to create a joint installation at MeetFactory – a place that is geographically almost on the periphery of Prague, but culturally located in its center. The Norwegian city of Tromso, where Hvistendahl comes from, is a similar geographical periphery of Norway – although it lies just outside the Arctic Circle, it is the center of cultural events in this region. At the same time, the exhibition will work with the themes of memory of place and the transformation of the landscape on a general level. In the Kostka Gallery space, traces of the original glass furnace, which was part of the Josef Inwald refinery and glassworks, are still visible. From the roof of the original furnace and the current gallery, the installation will give viewers a view of the parts of Smíchov around the Lihovar, revealing the current irreversible changes due to the development of this part of the city. We will become observers of the development and growth of the city from the ruins of the former glassworks. Thanks to the installation, the authors will give us the opportunity to turn into critical observers of the transformation of the landscape around the MeetFactory and to observe it from an “observation room” located inside and outside the Kostka Gallery.

Robert Julian Hvistendahl & Epos 257: Collapse of the Landscape
Kostka Gallery 
14. 9.–12. 11. 2023 
opening: 13. 9. 2023 as a part of Public House event (free entry) 
curator: Ján Gajdušek 

The exhibition is the part of Synapse Again Project.