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EXHIBITION: Zagroza Balistiki (загроза балiстики)

Opening 11/07/24 18:00 Gallery Punta, ul. Dunav 13, Sofia, Bulgaria

Exhibition by Lazar Vazduharev and Lexi Fleurs

Lexi Fleurs and Lazar Vazduharev present their Multi channel video installation, (Ballistic Threat) opening on 11/07/24 at gallery Punta.

Lexi and Lazar, friends for eternity, friends since childhood, friends forever, go to Ukraine. They were advised to tell the Ukrainian border police that they are tourists as it’s easier to cross the border that way. They thought its weird – tourism in a war zone. And off they went. Two weeks of filming civilian life during war times. Days of love, nights of ballistics. They call it experimental journalism.

In addition to the video installation there will be a sale of prints and postcards for charity in support of Ukraine. You can purchase them online, shipping worldwide, starting the 11th of July 2024.

Lazar Vazduharev, based in Sofia is a film director and editor. His most recent film Siyania premiered at the Sofia Film Festival (2024).

Lexi Fleurs, based in New York is an artist and fulbright scholarship recipient.