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NAPK is excited to announce an open call for the 4th Annual Installation Art Festival.

Theme of the festival: This year, the festival is centered around the theme “Feeling” Through this open call, we invite artists to explore feelings in a broad sense, delving into the ways and depth of their expression, and reflecting on the experience of working with emotions as an artist.

Who can apply:
The festival welcomes all individuals interested in utilizing installation as an innovative and immersive artistic medium. We encourage those who are prepared to reassess their artistic practices and actively participate in the festival processes.

Structure of the festival:
The festival comprises a series of events, commencing with the review of the open call and the selection of participating artists.

The key events include:
open studios, where participating artists construct their installations within the center’s premises, the main exhibition featuring selected participants,
public workshops, and art talks by participating artists,
discussions occurring during and after the festival.

What to expect from the festival:
Artists, within the festival framework, are provided with the opportunity to create artwork aligned with the festival theme. They can develop their pieces during the open studios at the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art, engage with fellow artists, and participate in artistic conversations covering topics or mediums of personal interest.

Curator: Giorgio Granata

Important dates:

Application deadline 31․08․2024
Period of open studios – November, 2024
Opening of the festival – November, 2024

To apply for the Festival follow the link:  Here