EVENT: Adam Hudec & Dust Institute: Dusts-free-Chamber (White Night)

Location: Lower gate, stage, Hlavná 10

Admission: for free

Breathing is a basic human activity, but we rarely pay attention to how and what we breathe. The dust that is all around us is also from us – it is also made up of our cells. By breathing it enters our body again as air pollution.

The Dusts-free-Chamber interactive object of the Viennese collective Dusts Institute, which will be located on the stage at the Lower Gate during White Night 6-8 October 2023, is an innovative inflatable pop-up installation. It draws you into a unique sensory experience from an environment without dust particles. Experiencing their absence offers the opportunity to tune our senses and breathing habits so that we can perceive the otherwise invisible dust in the environment where we live. This increased awareness prompts reflection on the environmental consequences of human actions and our role in degrading the air we breathe. The addition of light as a therapeutic tool by the author Adam Hudec within the installation enhances this experience.