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Based on the resolution of the city council, the city of Košice established the contribution organization on 1 October 2013. It started its activities on 1 January 2014 with the aim of building on the foundations laid during 2013, when Košice was the European Capital of Culture . It covers all the cultural centers that were created during it. The built cultural infrastructure, which was created thanks to investment projects, will be used for cultural purposes, and projects that have proven themselves will also be continued.

The aim of the establishment of the organization is to fulfill the tasks of the city by ensuring activities of public interest, creating conditions for education, culture, educational activities, interest-artistic activities, physical culture and sports through investment projects within the EHMK and management of entrusted property of the city.

The subject of the main activity of the organization is the management of the city’s property, the organization of programs, exhibitions, festivals, theater and film performances, concerts, cultural and educational, social events in the field of culture, tourism at home and abroad, education, upbringing and development of physical culture, scientific and technical services and information services, coordination, ensuring conditions for organization and cooperation with other institutions at home and abroad. The activity of K13 – Košické cultural centers will also focus on publishing activities, marketing activities, support of the creative industry, cooperation with national and international institutions in the field of culture, support and promotion of interest activities, organization of conferences and courses, activities to support employment and regional development.

One of the other activities is the monitoring and evaluation of the project Košice – EHMK 2013 and related activities and projects according to the INTERFACE 2013 project, monitoring and evaluation of the sustainability of these projects and the activities of projects following the EHMK project in the following years.

The creation of a new company was forced by the need to continue the EHMK project in two lines – programmatic and legislative. A contributory organization was created for the legislative framework, whose task is also to ensure program continuity. On the legislative side, the started projects and grants remain within the competence of the non-profit organization Creative Industry.

The vision of K13 – Košice Cultural Centers is to offer cultural infrastructure, i.e. Barracks/Kulturpark, Kunsthalle/Art Hall, Amphitheater and 8 SPOTs for cultural operators, tour operators, companies, individuals, non-profit organizations and the business sector so that the contribution organization creates complex technical and program background with the exception of funding. The intention is to continue the INTERFACE 2013 project, with which Košice worked towards the title of European Capital of Culture 2013.

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